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This technical notice describes the changes included in R2.2. The software is available now.

h1. Upgrade Requirements

This release includes SCADAPack 57x bootloader and firmware updates. It is highly recommended that these updates be installed on your SCADAPack 57x devices.





Upgrade SCADAPack firmware 9.1.2 and earlier versions to firmware 9.2.1 or newer.

*Failure to follow these instructions can result in death or serious injury.*





Upgrade SCADAPack bootloader firmware 1.10 to bootloader firmware 1.30 or newer. Cold boot the SCADAPack device following the upgrade.

*Failure to follow these instructions can result in death or serious injury.*


Bootloader 1.30 corrects a start-up initialization issue and digital output initialization issue. For more information see WI: 53096 in the Fixed Issues section below.

Firmware 9.2.1 corrects an issue for users of firmware 9.1.2 and earlier. Logic variables T_SPx70_INT and T_SPx70_UINT may indicate incorrect values following an online logic modification and a SCADAPack x70 device restart. For more information, see WI: 53148 in the Fixed Issues section below.

First, install SCADAPack 57x firmware version 9.2.1, then install SCADAPack 57x bootloader version 1.30 or newer.

h1. Installation Requirements, Instructions, and Troubleshooting

Refer to *{_}Software Installation.pdf{_}* located both at the root of the folder that contains the installation files and in the documentation set that is installed with RemoteConnect.

h1. SCADAPack x70 R2.2 Release Notes

SCADAPack x70 R2.2 was first available in March 2019.

h2. Application and Firmware Versions

SCADAPack x70 RemoteConnect application version is 3.5.1
* SCADAPack DNP3 Communication DTM version is 3.5
* SCADAPack x70 Device DTM version is 3.5
* SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor version is 11.1 - 181010
* Schneider Electric Generic HART DTM version is 5.1.1189.11
* HART STB Multiplexer Communication DTM version is
* SCADAPack x70 English Documentation version is 3.5.1
* SCADAPack x70 French Documentation version is 1.2.3

SCADAPack x70 Security Administrator version is 1.2.0

SCADAPack 57x firmware version is 9.2.1

SCADAPack 57x bootloader version is 1.30

6601 I/O module firmware version is 1.80.10

6601 I/O module bootloader version is 1.80.10

6602 I/O module firmware version is 1.81.2

6602 I/O module bootloader version is 1.81.2

* *

h2. Software and Firmware Version Compatibility

RemoteConnect version 3.5.1 is intended for use with SCADAPack x70 firmware version 9.2.1

As of R2.0 and newer, RemoteConnect and SCADAPack 57x firmware is cross compatible with future software and firmware releases. This compatibility is limited to features common to the version of software and firmware available. Unknown feature configurations are parsed and do not block reconfiguration, though the features themselves may be unavailable.


h3. *NOTICE*


*Inconsistent Data, unpredictable results*

RemoteConnect versions R2.0 and later are not compatible with projects created with RemoteConnect versions R1.6 and earlier.

See the release notes for RemoteConnect version 2.0 in the documentation for more instructions.

*Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.*


h2. Supported Devices

SCADAPack 570

SCADAPack 574

SCADAPack 575

h2. Supported Operating systems

Windows 7 Professional 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows 8.1 Professional 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows 10 Professional 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows Server 2016

h2. Unity Pro Compatibility

RemoteConnect installations can coexist with specific Unity Pro installations. If RemoteConnect is installed on a computer that had Unity Pro installed previously, the RemoteConnect installation automatically confirms that components in the SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor and Unity Pro are correctly referenced. If Unity Pro is installed or upgraded on a computer that already had RemoteConnect installed, then a *{_}repair{_}* process is likely required on RemoteConnect to confirm that components are correctly referenced. A *{_}repair{_}* process must always be *{_}Run as administrator{_}*.

The Unity Pro versions that are verified as suitable for coexisting installation with RemoteConnect are:
* Unity Pro version 11.1
* Unity Pro version 12
* Unity Pro version 13.0\*
* Unity Pro version 13.1\*
* EcoStruxure Control Expert (formerly known as Unity Pro) version 14.0

\* RemoteConnect has a known issue with Unity Pro version 13.0 and 13.1 on Windows (French edition). See WI: 50223.

h2. New and Improved Features

h3. Excel Import and Export

Improved the Excel Import from File and Export to File feature: provided a new format, added more configuration parameters to the exported file, and provided confirmation information in RemoteConnect after importing the Excel file.

h3. Forcing Object Values

Added a forcing mechanism to let you override data in the SCADAPack x70 device database so that you can set data to a required state or value (for example, during commissioning or maintenance activities).

h3. Object Browser Presets

Added a preset mechanism to let you configure an online browser list with optional preset values for each object. This allows you to build browser lists for rapid deployment of value sets to database objects (for example, during commissioning or maintenance activities). The preset values are stored along with the browser lists in the RemoteConnect project, and as well in the RTU configuration which can be read back from a SCADAPack device.

h3. Hold Outputs on Logic Stop

Added parameters that allow you to influence the state of outputs when a logic application transitions from RUN to a STOP or HALT state.

h3. Logic and Logic Editor

Added Help on Type for SCADAPack x70 function blocks. Added System Status Words %SW54 to %SW58.

h3. Modbus Protocols

Added new protocols to the Modbus master scanner for Modbus RTU over TCP and Modbus RTU over UDP. Modbus/TCP inactivity timeout to terminate a connection is now configurable.

h3. Miscellaneous Improvements

| WI: 47620 | Exposed RTU's unsolicited state to System Data |
| WI: 47702 | Revised the default Serial Port functions |
| WI: 47810 | STATUS LED indicates an I/O module alert |
| WI: 47925 | Modbus scanner configuration parser rejects invalid variable size / function code combinations. |
| WI: 48175 | Added system data fields SYS_SET_DNP3M_StopPollingIfFull and SYS_SET_DNP3S_DiscardEvntsIfFull. |
| WI: 49124 | Added release notes history to documentation. The release notes shown during installation now describe the current release, and do not include history. |
| WI: 49142 | Improved documentation for IP Whitelist to state “When changes are made to the IP Whitelist settings, the device may temporarily lose connectivity as the firewall is reconfigured. Some TCP/IP connections may need to be re-established.” |
| WI: 50131 | Provided support for Windows 10 Professional builds 1803 and 1809 |
| WI: 50160 | Updated technical support contact information and website in About dialog and Installer. |
| WI: 50172 | Added a pop-up dialog in the x70 DTM for 'Corrupt Configuration' and 'Device Trouble' indications |
| WI: 50196 | Added a tooltip to the project settings Slave address custom field option to let the user know that selecting the option can cause loss of data in Custom fields of logic variables. |
| WI: 50197 | Online modification notifications are not shown for the Logic Editor Simulator. |
| WI: 50214 | Added a 'Do not show this message again' option to the Write confirmation popup in the Object Browser. |
| WI: 50229 | Updated the Start menu organization for compatibility with Windows 10 |
| WI: 50251 | RemoteConnect DNP3 > Slave > Events Advanced section has a new checkbox control for "Discard New Events if Buffer Full" |
| WI: 50264 \\
WI: 50366 | DNP3 Point Data Class Object Table organization includes a None grouping and can be organized by DNP3 Point Data Class. |
| WI: 50310 | Removed SCADAPack 57x modules from the list of configurable I/O modules. A permanent SCADAPack 57x module is added to the project based on the controller type and cannot be deleted. |
| WI: 50461 | Read File from Device provides more control over the source file and destination file |
| WI: 50658 | RemoteConnect provides more automatic DNP3 and Modbus point number assignment options when creating copies of objects. |
| WI: 51037 | Added “Slave Address(es) in Logic Editor Custom Field” to the Project Settings dialog to allow you to view DNP3 point numbers and/or Modbus register addresses in the Logic Editor. |
| WI: 53249 | A message reporting a hardware condition or invalid configuration in the SCADAPack device is now displayed as a banner at the top of the RemoteConnect online pages and not as a pop-up message. |
| WI: 54058 | Removed CLEAR CONFIG command option. |
| WI: 54069 | The cold boot and factory boot default configurations now include the SYS_CODE_StatusCode. |

h2. Fixed Issues

| WI:53096 | Bootloader version 1.30 for SCADAPack 57x corrects a start up initialization issue and digital output issue. \\
Bootloader 1.10 can result in the SCADAPack devices not booting, resetting after booting, or in loaded configurations and programs not executing as expected. It is highly recommended that the bootloader be upgraded on SCADAPack 57x devices. Bootloader 1.20 corrects this issue. \\
Bootloader 1.20 and earlier versions turn on the SCADAPack 57x device DOUT digital output for 2 to 3 seconds at power up or reset. It is highly recommended that the bootloader be upgraded if the DOUT digital output is used or will be used on the device. Bootloader 1.30 corrects this issue. \\
To upgrade bootloader 1.10 or earlier to version 1.30
# Back up the configuration.
# Place the system in a safe state. The SCADAPack device will reset as part of this procedure.
# Install SCADAPack 57x firmware version 9.2.1 or newer.
# Install SCADAPack 57x bootloader version 1.30.
# Cold boot the SCADAPack device.
# Reload the configuration from the backup.
# Restore the system to operation.To upgrade bootloader 1.20 to version 1.30
# Place the system in a safe state. The SCADAPack device will reset as part of this procedure.
# Install SCADAPack 57x firmware version 9.2.1 or newer.
# Install SCADAPack 57x bootloader version 1.30.
# Restore the system to operation. |
| WI: 53148   | Firmware 9.1.2 and earlier may experience logic running with an incomplete logic configuration. This occurs if an online modification is made, the user ignores the RemoteConnect message indicating the logic application must be written to the SCADAPack device, and the SCADAPack device is reset or power is cycled. In this situation logic inputs may have incorrect values and outputs can be written to incorrect values. This issue was corrected in firmware 9.1.3. \\
Users that upgraded from firmware 9.1.2 to firmware 9.1.3 may experience the behaviour above if condition was present at the time of the upgrade. It is necessary to write the logic application prior to or following the upgrade. \\
Additional checks of logic variable DDT versions were added in version 9.2.1. SCADAPack 57x firmware version 9.2.1 reports a new system status code (5013) and doesn’t start the logic application if the DDT versions are not valid. To resolve status code 5013, rewrite the configuration to the SCADAPack 57x device after the firmware upgrade. |
| WI: 47514 | System > System Status specific task library function blocks are now supported in the logic editor: SYST_READ_FLOAT_STATUS, SYST_READ_TASK_BIT, SYST_RESET_TASK_BIT and SYST_TIME |
| WI: 47515 | Types Library Update didn't operate when you changed the Installation Path |
| WI: 47524 | “Error allocating PAT memory space” reported when launching PLC Simulator in x70 Logic Editor |
| WI: 47539 | The Function Input Assistant in Logic Editor could not be closed on a single screen if previously opened on a multiple screen system. |
| WI: 47542 | Fixed logic editor exception caused by opening a Derived Function Block (selecting Refine on the FB Instance), then selecting a private variable, and trying to Initialize an Animation Table. |
| WI: 47623 | SYS_CLOCK System Objects were not updated after a time change to PC Local Time |
| WI: 47631 | Irregular events generated instead of Periodic Events on System Data |
| WI: 47644 | Device restarted with restart reason 0x4206 and watchdog 0x10000080 (DNP3 task and Modbus Scanner task) when writing configuration to the device. |
| WI: 47645 | The logic application is not run if the device configuration is corrupted due to a discharged battery on the device. |
| WI: 47666 | Modbus Serial Master function block stopped polling when serial port baud rate changed. |
| WI: 47701 | Configuration of Maximum Event Storage was read incorrectly while new configuration was being applied. |
| WI: 47703 | Physical 6601 Counters were not initialized on the SCADAPack 575 RTU. |
| WI: 47707 | DNP3 g10v2 objects for DNP3 point 0 were not reported in an integrity poll. |
| WI: 47709 | There was no report if a license could not be applied because the file system had no remaining space to store the license. |
| WI: 47711 | System status code 1036 (backup license file missing) was reported after loading new firmware. |
| WI: 47715 | Group50Var1 (Time and Date - absolute time) object write requests did not reject some invalid requests. |
| WI: 47744 | Device could restart with restart reason 0x4200 and Watchdog mask 0x0010 after write configuration with Serial 3 or 4 changed to Modbus, RS485, 115200. |
| WI: 47747 | For some date changes, logic system status words %SW49 (day of week) and %SW70 (week of year) were incorrect after device restart. |
| WI: 47779 | Some diagnostic messages were still reported after turning off diagnostics with the \*modslavediag disable \*\* command. |
| WI: 47788 | Modbus RTU transmissions could have gaps longer than 3.5 character-times, which could cause some Modbus devices to reject the messages. |
| WI: 47804 | CAPITALISED commands on command line were rejected. |
| WI: 47809 | Updating 6601 I/O firmware on a system with 4 or more I/O modules was unreliable. |
| WI: 47818 | Rounding in USB drive free size measurement reported on command line was incorrect. |
| WI: 47823 | USB drive statistics were incorrect for drives larger than 16 GB. |
| WI: 47831 | USB drive information did not update after the drive was removed. The correct state is now reported. The update is performed every 60 seconds. Old information may be reported for up to 60 seconds after the drive is removed, inserted, or updated. |
| WI: 47838 | The whoami command displayed incorrect information about the licensed services after applying the license but before restart of the RTU. |
| WI: 47852 | The I/O bus occasionally reported incorrect checksums when multiple 6601 I/O modules were connected. Invalid messages are correctly rejected, and the operation retries on the next I/O scan. The response time to an input or output change increases slightly when an incorrect checksum is detected. |
| WI: 47964 | ATTRIB_ValueString constant was incorrectly set to 105. The correct value of 138 is now used. |
| WI: 48074 | The SCADAPack device USB port could take over 70 seconds to be detected by Windows following a SCADAPack x70 device restart. This time has been reduced to less than 20 seconds, unless the SCADAPack x70 device was cold booted. |
| WI: 48409 | Logic application halted when clock management function blocks from the System > SysClock library were used in the logic. These function blocks were not implemented in earlier firmware versions. |
| WI: 48419 | The Modbus scanner did not revert the database value in response to an unsuccessful write (an exception response from the remote device). The database value now reverts to the previous value if the write is unsuccessful. |
| WI: 48533 | PPP dynamic reconfiguration required a device restart to apply the configuration. Configuration no longer requires a device restart. |
| WI: 49059 | Device reconfiguration caused a memory leak and processor exception when memory was low. This was observed on a system using about 98% of available memory. |
| WI: 49107 | Function block _Help on Type_ feature in the logic editor did not work with SCADAPack x70 > RTU System library function blocks. These now display help in a web page. |
| WI: 49155 | System Status Double Words %SD18 and %SD20 are now supported. |
| WI: 50184 | An incorrect logic variable type for SYS_INFO_CPUmoduleTempC could hang RemoteConnect. |
| WI: 50213 | DNP3 and Modbus parameters were incorrectly configured when using custom templates in logic editor. |
| WI: 50255 | Launching help using F1 could block use of RemoteConnect. |
| WI: 50261 | Enabled Modbus IP Services information in whoami command was inconsistent |
| WI: 50262 | Elementary Variables and Derived Variables may be cleared in x70 Logic when creating a new object in RemoteConnect. |
| WI: 50269 | Online/Offline button was out of sync after canceling a write operation with a large number of logic objects |
| WI: 50287 | Deleting Scanner and keeping objects deleted object groups. Now when an Object Association is cleared, and the Object is not deleted, only the association-related attributes are cleared. The group name is left as is. |
| WI: 50785 | Default Scan Rates for Modbus were too short for some common applications. |
| WI: 51167 | Control validation tooltips were displayed in English regardless of the language setting. |
| WI: 51742 | Logic debugger's indication of online connection was inconsistent if communication path changed when connected. |
| WI: 52826 | RemoteConnect R2.1.1 froze when using Copy Objects from Object Configuration pane. |
| WI: 53501 | Corrected DNP3 Data Concentrator sessions handling under high communications load |
| WI: 53773 | Logic status was not updated when the backup file was not present, which was not correct. The logic status is now updated by default, then updated again if the backup is present. |
| WI: 53829 | Writing a default project twice could cause RemoteConnect to lock up. |
| WI: 53986 | Documentation about adding 16 I/O modules should have stated 15 I/O modules. There are 16 I/O module entries available including the I/O on the SCADAPack device. |
| WI: 54017 | 6602 I/O module resets every 1 minute when 24 Vdc applied at power up. |

h2. Known Issues

| Installation | Unity Pro installation compatibility \\
The SCADAPack RemoteConnect Configuration Software installation process and Unity Pro software installation process can interfere with one another. It is recommended that when installing new versions of Unity Pro software that the repair installation option be run for SCADAPack RemoteConnect. Coexisting installations of RemoteConnect and Unity Pro are supported for Unity Pro versions 11.1, 12, 13.0, 13.1, and EcoStruxure Control Expert 14. \\
*Workaround*: Repair the installations as mentioned above. Remember to “Run as administrator” when doing a Repair. \\
When installing new versions of SCADAPack RemoteConnect, the installer will automatically attempt a Repair on Unity Pro software. |
| WI: 47523 | Logic Editor PLC Simulator \\
The Mode > Start Simulation action in the Logic Editor can take an extended period of time to start. The PLC Simulator is started and the project is prepared for download, but it can take up to 2 minutes for the download to start. After the first download, subsequent uses of the PLC Simulator don't experience this issue while the SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor and PLC simulator remain open. \\
*Workaround*: Start the simulator manually from the Windows Programs menu. This may take multiple attempts. After starting via the Windows menu, it should be possible to use Mode > Start Simulation. |
| WI: 47780 | Modbus master and Modbus slave diagnostics on serial connections don't show both transmit and received messages. \\
*Workaround*: To see the messages, enable both master and slave diagnostics. See the MODMASTERDIAG and MODSLAVEDIAG commands. |
| WI: 47824 | \*del \*\* command leaves some files on a USB drive when there are many files on the drive. \\
*Workaround:* Repeat the command until the files are removed. \\
OR \\
Connect the USB drive to a PC (or other computer) and delete the files. |
| WI: 47841 | When reconfiguring a SCADAPack RTU from one large configuration to another large configuration, the configuration rebuild might not succeed and would report configuration log messages such as “# 565: Unable to create object due to insufficient configuration memory space”. \\
*Workaround*: Cold boot the RTU before applying the new configuration. Alternatively, apply a configuration with a very small number of objects and restart the RTU. The new large configuration should then be accepted. |
| WI: 50233 | Installing Unity Pro v13.0 or v13.1 on Windows (French edition) followed by RemoteConnect installs shortcuts to All programs > Schneider Electric > SoCollaborative > Unity Pro for both Unity Pro and SCADAPack Logic applications. \\
*Workaround*: Identify, from the shortcut path properties, which shortcuts relate to SCADAPack Logic. |
| WI: 53063 | A change in master connection addressing information (DNP3 slave address or DNP3 master address) can result in unsolicited messages not being reported if a DNP3 routing table entry for the new address pair is not present. \\
*Workaround:* Update or add a DNP3 route for the new DNP3 address pair and use the RemoteConnect ‘Restart DNP3’ function to activate the modified configuration |
| WI: 53086 | The IP Whitelist sets the TCP or UDP port for a given service (e.g. DNP3 over TCP) from the configuration as it exists when the Whitelist rule is configured. If the port is changed in the RTU configuration at some later point, it is possible that the Whitelist may become out of sync with these values. \\
*Workaround:* Make a change to the IP whitelist configuration. This will trigger an update from the associated TCP or UDP port configuration. \\
OR \\
Restart the device after writing the configuration change to the device. |
| WI: 53435 | If you change the Default DPN3 Port value, the changes to the configuration do not take effect. \\
*Workaround*: Restart the RTU | \\ |

h2. Post Installation Troubleshooting

| RemoteConnect and Logic Editor Start Up | SCADAPack RemoteConnect Configuration Software start-up may be blocked from reopening if previous instances of RemoteConnect or the Logic Editor were not closed cleanly. \\
*Workaround*: Run the *Process Scrubber* application, which will shut down any remaining processes, then restart RemoteConnect. \\ |
| Logic Editor | Logic Editor is unable to communicate with SCADAPack RemoteConnect \\
*Symptoms* \\
The SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor is starting, but is unable to communicate with SCADAPack RemoteConnect. When this occurs, the Logic Editor may not display variables that were created in the Object Editor and you may not be able to build the application from RemoteConnect. \\
*Steps to resolve* \\
Register pserver.dll as described below \\
1.    Close the Logic Editor and RemoteConnect applications if they are running on the PC. \\
2.    In the Windows menu, search for *cmd.exe* then right-click on it and select *Run as administrator* to open it. \\
3.    In the command line window, change to the default installation directory by typing one of the following commands: \\
64-bit systems: \\
*cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\UnityScadaPack 11.1”* \\
32-bit systems: \\
*cd “C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\UnitySCADAPack 11.1”* \\
4.    Type the following command to complete the registration: \\
*regsvr32.exe pserver.dll* \\
When the registration is complete, a dialog box with the message *DllRegisterServer in pserver.dll succeeded* is displayed. \\ |
| Logic Editor | Logic editor or Types Library update tool library modification \\
*Symptoms* \\
SCADAPack Logic Editor or Types Library Update tool reports the library is opened by another application when attempting to modify the logic library \\
*Steps to resolve* \\
Check that no instances of Unity Pro and RemoteConnect/SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor are running. Use the *Process Scrubber*, if necessary. If the symptoms persist, it is likely that Windows folder permissions are incorrect. \\
Check the following:
# With administrator privilege right-click on the following folder: *C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric*
# Select *Properties*.
# Select the *Security* tab.
# Click *Edit*.
# Click on the Users entry in the Group or user names section.
# Scroll down the Permissions for Users area until you see a row called "Write".
# Check the box in the "Allow" column for the "Write" row.
# Click *OK*.The security settings will update on the sub-folders.
# Click *OK* to exit the Properties dialog. \\ |

h2. SCADAPack 57x and 6601 Firmware Version Compatibility

*6601 upgrade recommendations:* Upgrade 6601 I/O modules (both external and built into SP575) to firmware version 1.80.10 and bootloader version 1.80.10. If extended over-range capabilities for analog inputs are required, return the module to a Schneider Electric facility so the analog inputs can be recalibrated.

*6601 minimum firmware version:* 6601 I/O modules shipped from the factory with 1.80.6 or 1.80.10 firmware should *not* be downgraded to versions earlier than 1.80.6.

*6601 bootloader upgrade mechanism:* The command line command “*restart iofirm <filename> <module address>*” is provided for 6601 firmware upgrades. The 6601 firmware upgrade command can be used to upgrade the 6601 bootloader. This is supported only on 6601 firmware 1.80.6 and later. “*restart iofirm bl6601.bin <module address>*” will apply bootloader file bl6601.bin. The filename *bl6601.bin* is the only filename that is accepted for the bootloader. Other file names will result in an attempt to patch the 6601 firmware and not the 6601 bootloader. The 6601 bootloader version is not reported on the command line.


h3. *NOTICE*



If you use firmware versions that are incompatible with extended over-range calibration on 6601 analog inputs, the analog inputs may report values 10% lower than the actual value.

Use only firmware versions that are compatible with extended over-range calibration.

Do not use 6601 firmware earlier than 1.80.6 with extended over-range calibration. They are not compatible.

For information on SCADAPack 57x firmware versions 9.03 or earlier, refer to the RemoteConnect R2.0 release notes in the documentation.

*Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage.*


A new calibration format for 6601 analog inputs has been added to support extended over-range capabilities. Interoperability of various versions of firmware and calibration is described below.
| *&nbsp;* | *SP57x Firmware* | *6601 Firmware* | *6601 Calibration* | *6601 AI Value* | *Over-range* | *Comment* |
| √ | 9.0.4 or later | 1.77. 131 or earlier | 0…20 mA | Reported normally | Always active at 20.05 mA | \\ |
| √ | 9.0.4 or later | 1.80.06 or later | 0…20 mA | Reported normally | Always active at 20.05 mA | \\ |
| √ | 9.0.4 or later | 1.80.06 or later | 0…22 mA | Reported normally | Always active at 22.00 mA | Recommended choice for new installations |
| X | 9.0.4 or later | 1.77. 131 or earlier | 0…22 mA | AI report. 10% lower values | Always active at 20.05 mA | NOT RECOMMENDED. Should only occur when a 6601 is mistakenly downgraded from 1.80.6 to an earlier version. |