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h1. Features

First Schneider Electric software using FDT2/DTM

* modern and user friendly interface
* industry standard adopted by Schneider Electric

Designed for SCADAPack x70 models (570/575, …),

* providing integrated rPAC configuration and logic application development

Ability to integrate external device configuration in the RemoteConnect environment

* HART Instruments
* Drives
* Etc.

h1. Overview

RemoteConnect software is a single software tool for configuration, programming, diagnostics, and commissioning of the SCADAPack x70 range of Smart RTUs. RemoteConnect eliminates the need for separate software applications for configuration, and programming, thus reducing the IT related burden of maintaining multiple applications to manage the RTUs.

RemoteConnect can also be used for device management of various devices such as HART instruments and VFDs (variable frequency drives) etc.  For example, if a HART transmitter or valve positioner is connected to the SCADAPack 57x, RemoteConnect can host the device specific DTM software (Device Type Manager) allowing for configuration or viewing of diagnostics and data from that device.

RemoteConnect interfaces with the SCADAPack 57x RTUs over USB (local connections), or over serial or Ethernet (remote or local connections).

RemoteConnect facilitates upgrades to RTU firmware, and I/O expansion modules, as well as logic programs.

h1. Release Notes

* [RemoteConnect and SCADAPack x70 Utilities R2.1 (PCN2285)|]