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h1. Features

* Expanded memory for larger applications
* Compact, fits 1/8 DIN panel
* Display data as ASCII characters
* High visibility LED backlit LCD display
* 4 lines x 20 characters
* 20 programmable function keys
* 8 programmable LED indicators
* User friendly, prompts to change data/presets
* Up to 256 alarms available
* Powered directly from SCADAPack
* Class 1, Div 2, CE Mark
* IP 65 protection rating
* Programmable using Windows® based software

h1. Overview

With five times the screen configuration memory of the Vision10, the SCADAPack Vision60 is the ideal choice for applications requiring a large number of display screens and data display functions.

Expanded memory increases the alarm capacity to 256 alarms, making the Vision60 a compact yet powerful manager for local alarms. Additionally, the Vision60 can display data in ASCII format.

This product has a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. The appropriate Vision Shield must accompany any Vision unit installed outdoors in order to maintain the product warranty.

h1. Downloads 

[Latest version of SCADAPack Vision software (2.07B)|]

h1. Links

[SCADAPack Vision 60 DataSheet |^SE-DataSheets-Vision-Letter-TBU-V001.pdf]
[SCADAPack Vision 60 Hardware Manual|^Vision Manual.pdf]


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