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1. Install the latest version of Renesas HEW4 software. 

2. Install E10A USB debugger software with options shown below:

3. Verified that the switch settings of the E10A USB Emulator when using SH-3 Series 14-pin interface is SW1=1, SW2=0 and SW3=1.
!Wiring diagram for USB emulator.jpg|border=1,width=903,height=690!

4. In the HEW4 create {color:#ff0000}{*}TelePACE{*}{color} or {color:#ff0000}{*}ISaGRAF{*}{color} project type and for the configuration and session selected below shown option:

5. Verify and ensure that debugger settings is as shown below:

6. Connect E10A USB Emulator and cable to SP32:

6. Click on connect icon and follow the steps. Once connection with SP32 CPU is established message Connected will be displayed as shown below: