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How do you run ISaGRAF on Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit systems)


1. This solution is NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED but has been very successful in running ISaGRAF on Windows 7
2. There is no guarantee that this will work for everyone, the main factor being hardware. People running Windows 7 on non Windows 7 certified hardware may experience problems.
3. Accessing controllers through USB using this method is the most common problem experienced by users. Testing on my hardware, USB access was possible but some have reported that it doesn't work. Note 2 contributes to this issue.
4. USB keys have been tested and working but may not work properly for some. Note 2 contributes to this issue.
5. It may be possible to solve any issues with USB or other problem by running ISaGRAF on a VMWare Virtual Machine running Windows XP.
6. This solution will not work on Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium versions of Windows 7. VMWare or Oracle VirtualBox are the only solutions in this case, however the user is RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING A WINDOWS XP KEY IN THIS CASE.

Following the link ( MS Virtual PC ) will take you to the MS website where you can download Windows XP Virtual Machine. Just follow the instructions on there, it's pretty straight forward, you just install all the software that's about it. The installation will ask you to enter a password for a new user it needs for the virtual machine and it should take care of the rest.

Once it's installed, run it and it will come up with Windows XP in a window.

If you have a cd with ISaGRAF you should just be able to run the install from the disk in the virtual machine.
If you have the files instead of a CD for ISaGRAF, copy them into the virtual machine onto the C: drive, maybe a directory like c:\temp or c:\ISA or something. The directory name MUST BE SHORT. I originally copied them to the desktop and the installer kept failing. Once I copied them to c:\temp all went well.

If you have a USB stick with the files on it, plug the USB into the computer and wait a few moments for your Windows 7 to recognize it. In the virtual machine at the top of the window there's a menu called USB in which you should be able to see any devices connected to the base Windows 7 computer. If you select any device from that list it will be connected to the virtual machine and then you can browse it like any other device in the Windows XP virtual machine.

For the ISaGRAF key, you need to install the sentinel drivers in the virtual machine like any other computer and then follow the above procedure on how to connect a USB device to the virtual machine.

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