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Where is C program stored in the controller?


C Tools (Microtec C Compiler) for 16-bit controllers (SCADAPack Micro 16 , SCADAPack, SCADAPack Plus, SCADAPack Light, SCADAPack LP and SCADAPack 100) and 32-bit controllers (SCADAPack 32 and SCADAPack 350).


The ability to store a C application in flash on the 16-bit SCADAPack controllers was removed in the firmware version 1.65. Older firmware still supports this. Since the application will likely use some data stored in non-volatile RAM (this includes the database) it likely won't work correctly without the RAM battery being good. This means that programs stored in non-volatile RAM are effectively as safe as programs stored in flash.

The SCADAPack 32 stores it's C applications in flash, but runs from RAM. The SCADAPack 350 stores it's C applications on a flash file systems, but runs them from RAM.