Many ClearSCADA drivers contain a protocol translator that can convert raw comms and IO logs into HTML. This utility makes it easy run the appropriate translator for a particular log file from Windows® Explorer. Support of this tool is provided informally via the ClearSCADA Forums.

Download for 64 bit servers.

Download for 32 bit servers.

This requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package to be installed. This is installed with the latest version of ClearSCADA, alternatively see this Microsoft page.


To allow easy access to the protocol translators from Windows® Explorer perform the following steps:

  • Copy 'TranslatePicker.exe' onto your PC - suggested folder C:\Utilities
  • Edit 'TranslatePicker.reg' to change the path (both of them) to wherever you copied 'TranslatePicker.exe' to (default is C:\Utilities)
  • Merge 'TranslatePicker.reg' into registry using a right-click on the .reg file

Translating a Comms Log

You will now be able to right-click on a file in Explorer and select the "Translate (Default)" menu option to translate a comms log file using the default options. If the utility can determine the protocol from the filename it will automatically run the appropriate driver, otherwise it will display a dialog prompting you to select a driver from those that are installed.

Alternatively, select the "Translate (Options)" menu option to choose the (non-default) options for translating the comms log file. The available options vary depending on the particular driver. For example, the following options are available in the Advanced Modbus driver: