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Windows 10 Menu font size utility

This page contains a number of Tools for ClearSCADA that extend beyond the core functionality in specific areas, as well as Samples to give you a helping hand.

There are no warranties or support for these tools. Please seek help via the Forum at: CMI Forum for ClearSCADA

ClearSCADA Tools

Excel Language/Dictionary Manager

Managing dictionary strings for a multi-lingual ClearSCADA configuration can be a burden if more than a handful of strings need to be translated. This tool is a software extension to Excel which makes the process of adding and maintaining the dictionary much simpler. The tool has a Windows installer and documentation file included. Suitable for Excel 2010 and 2013.

Software Installation Kit Link

Triple Standby Synchronization Tool for Permanent Standby Servers

When using one or more Permanent Standby servers with a Triple Standby setup, the Permanent Standby servers can only be configured to synchronize their configuration from two of the Main/Standby servers. This software is a system service which monitors the state of the three Main/Standby servers and re-configures the synchronization according to their state. It will cause a restart of the Permanent Standby if necessary.

This tool is a software installation kit plus documentation.

Software Installation Kit Link

Documentation Link

Spreadsheet-based Configuration Import Tool

This Excel spreadsheet contains a set of VB macros for creating and modifying ClearSCADA configuration. It makes the process of creating objects and setting properties very simple. There is a sample sheet which shows the 'commands' supported, including renaming objects and instancing templates too.

Download Link

PLC Conversion Tool

ClearSCADA software versions up to 2013 R2.2 had an option of an integrated Kepware Technologies KEPServerEX4 PLC driver; however with the evolution of ClearSCADA this integrated PLC driver suite previously is no longer available within ClearSCADA 2014 R1 or later versions. To ensure the continuous, long-term operation of your system we recommend that you migrate to an external installation of KepServerEX5 (Kepware’s latest version) prior to the upgrade to ClearSCADA 2014 R1 or later. This migration will require the conversion of any existing 'PLC' database objects into corresponding OPC database objects, for which a software tool has been prepared.

An upgrade to ClearSCADA 2014 R1 should be performed only after all PLC database objects have been migrated to corresponding OPC database objects.

This tool is a software installation kit within a zip file.

Software Installation Kit Link

Export and Import History Tool

This is a simple tool which can be used to export history from a running database, and then import it back into a different database. It creates text files named by point (so you can rename them if you want to import to a different point name).

Run the .exe file, complete the top connection data and the pink export data, then click ‘Export to Files’. Check the log in the same folder if something goes wrong. It saves settings between runs in a .ini file so that the exports and imports can be repeated easily.


Server Snapshot Log Analyzer

Snapshot files are periodic logs of server activity, showing many different aspects of what the server is doing, such as database queries, synchronization and database lock performance. This tool allows you to select one or more snapshot files and examine the database behavior of your system across multiple snapshot files; with the ability to write data to Excel via a CSV file for further analysis. This will uncover how the database is handling its different load types and can be used to improve system performance. Please read the 'read me' file in the linked zip file. For best results when analyzing database load, use the 'Database Read/Write Lock Diagnostics' data. For this to work, you will need to enable Read/Write Lock Diagnostics in the Server Status Tool (find in the Database section, right-click to enable), and also ensure the ClearSCADA server log file settings will retain several logs of adequate size.


Windows 10 Menu font size utility

Windows 10 no longer provides a direct way to set the font size of menus. Since ClearSCADA 2013 the Custom Menus feature has also not been available. It is possible to set menu size using registry settings, but the process is difficult. Consequently we are making this utility available. It includes a registry backup feature which we recommend you use.


ClearSCADA DDK Driver Samples

MQTT Driver

MQTT is an IoT protocol used to interchange data via a broker. This ClearSCADA driver can be used to connect to the broker and exchange point data. You can use any broker with this driver.

Please find downloads for the driver on various releases of ClearSCADA at this link. There are also installation notes and a registry file.

MQTT Driver Downloads

ClearSCADA Configuration Samples

Radar Graphs

A radar graph shows several variables as a polygon, enabling an operator to see quickly the health of a process. This folder contains a series of radar graph mimics suitable for embedding. A simple and an advanced version of each is included, with the advanced version containing alarm limits, coloured markers and a shadow to show previous values. There are named parameters for each mimic. An example is included to demonstrate how they are used.

Performance Statistics - Server Load as Points

This configuration brings out the overall system loading figures into individual points. Figures such as point processed, historic values stored, events stored etc. Suitable for ClearSCADA 2015 R2 onwards.

Processes figures every minute, but the interval can be altered by changing the Logic execution interval.


This file is a demonstration of advanced ClearSCADA mimic scripting.



There are further ClearSCADA Programming Samples here which span industry-specific and device-specific functionality.