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Monthly Updates

We release Monthly Software Updates for supported releases of ClearSCADA, covering ClearSCADA 2017 R3, ClearSCADA 2017 R2 and ClearSCADA 2017 versions.

These Updates are a combination of our Service Pack and Hotfix releases, rolled up into a single Monthly Update for each version, inclusive of recent bug fixes and any new minor enhancements, and undergo the latest Windows Patch testing. Each Update is a full installation just like the Initial Release - not a patch - meaning you can upgrade straight to the latest Monthly Update from a previous version (don’t forget to read the upgrade notes, and if you are spanning several major versions, check the intervening ones too), or use a Monthly Update to start a brand-new installation.

Latest Release Notes for April 2019

Version Release Notes Link
ClearSCADA 2017 R3 Release Notes
ClearSCADA 2017 R2 Release Notes
ClearSCADA 2017 Release Notes

Software Downloads - ClearSCADA

Find below the current ClearSCADA versions that are in support and available for immediate download. All Release Notes are available as separate downloads once you have completed the form below. Also you will find a link to download the latest Alarm Adviser Connector for ClearSCADA.
An upgrade to a newer ClearSCADA major version will typically require you to update both your client and server license(s). Please review the Updating Your ClearSCADA License page for details.

ClearSCADA Download Form

Please complete the following form to get access to the latest supported releases of ClearSCADA, including Monthly Updates:

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Demonstration Mode

Please note that ClearSCADA will operate in Demonstration mode until a license is purchased. The Demonstration mode of ClearSCADA provides the same functionality as a fully licensed version except the ClearSCADA Server only runs for 2 hours at a time, then automatically shuts down. There is a limit of 1000 active points. The server must be manually restarted to continue operation, but saved configuration will not be lost. Main/Standby operation is not supported until licensed.

License Update Request

Customers wishing to upgrade their version of ClearSCADA will require an updated license key from the factory. It is recommended that the appropriate license keys are obtained prior to installing a new ClearSCADA version. Customers with an active Support Agreement can request an update to their current license via the Update Request Form.

Software Downloads - Utilities

ClearSCADA Driver Development Kit

The ClearSCADA DDK for supported versions of ClearSCADA is available here.