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This product has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the SCADASense 4203 module

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The SCADASense 4202 DR is a two meter run gas flow controller with an integrated multivariable sensor. This controller, also referred to as transmitter throughout this document, is supplied with a pre-configured gas flow application, and can also be programmed in TelePACE Relay Ladder Logic, C, and IEC 61131-3 ISaGRAF.

The transmitter provides a discrete input/output that can be used as status input, or as a high frequency counter input or a sinking digital output. A second high frequency counter input accepts low-level inputs from devices such as turbine meters. Standard analog output provides flexible control for variable speed motor drives, control valves, emergency shutdowns, or whatever your site requires. The applied power source voltage is internally monitored and available for communication to the SCADA host.

Modbus mapping of all transmitter functions that is compatible with the Rosemount 3095FB MVT is also provided. This SCADASense transmitter can be used with or without the flow computer program.

Two fully functional RS-232/485 selectable serial ports are provided on the transmitter. Either or both ports can be used with remote I/O, radios, local displays, or other serial devices such as other SCADAPack controllers.

The SCADASense 4202 DR provides Modbus master/slave and EFM Modbus as its native protocols. DNP 3.0 protocol is optionally available. Custom protocols can be implemented using C programming.

These transmitters can also be configured using the SCADASense 4000 Series Configurator UI, which is shipped on an accompanying Configuration CD. The SCADASense 4000 Series Configurator supports the configuration, monitoring, and calibration of all SCADASense 4000 Series transmitters.


SCADASense 4202 DR Hardware Manual

SCADASense 4202 DS Hardware Manual

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