Software Tools


What are C Tools?


C Tools are advanced programming tools for SCADA applications and process control. They are used in conjunction with a third-party C compiler to generate logic code that may be executed simultaneously with other controller logic, either TelePACE ladder or ISaGRAF logic. This dual logic-execution capability provides the maximum flexibility when implementing complex control strategies.

The C Tools package includes an ANSI C cross compiler, a customized library of functions for industrial automation and data acquisition and a real time operating system. The facility to write this executable C code to the controller, is provided by either the TelePACE or ISaGRAF programming environments.

The C function library is similar to many other C implementations, but contains additional features for the real time control and digital and analog I/O that are specific to Control Microsystems controllers.


Which SCADAPack controllers support C Tools?
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How is a C program created?
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