Software Tools


  • Powerful network management
  • Non-intrusive, network-wide diagnostics
  • Remote radio configuration
  • Advanced features
  • Alarms, trending and logging
  • Client / server
  • ODBC


The keystone for the entire TRIO product line is TView+, the network configuration, management, and diagnostics software environment. This application is packed with powerful tools designed to make radio system operation as simple as possible.

All TRIO products can be configured via desktop or notebook computer using this WindowsTM-based software. The product's user-friendly command menu allows for read & writes to radio modems and utilizes a Wizard to assist with simple and rapid configurations. To save even more time, all configurations may be saved to disk for future deployments. Additional pop-up menus are available to set other parameters including transmit power, digital mutes and SID codes.

Network diagnostic duties are non-intrusive and may be run simultaneously with the application, from anywhere in the system, including remote sites. Advanced diagnostic features include:

  • Alarms (individual user-configurable limits)
  • Trending
  • Logging (time & date stamped)
  • BER testing
  • Channel occupancy
  • Client / server
  • ODBC


TView+ Quick Start Guide

TView+ User Manual

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