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The ClearSCADA Resource Center is your one-stop-shop for everything ClearSCADA; from [New Release information|ClearSCADA Releases], [Download Links|ClearSCADA Downloads], Upgrade Notes and Strategies, [MS Update Testing Results|Microsoft Update Testing], [ClearSCADA Version Compatibility|ClearSCADA Version Compatibility Matrix] and [Operating System Compatibility|ClearSCADA Operating System Compatibility Matrix] Matrices, a Knowledge Base of common issues and questions, and more, as well as a landing page to find some other resources spread over the web.

h4. ClearSCADA 2017 R1, R2 & R3

We're proud to share with you the release of [ClearSCADA 2017], and the introduction of innovative location services and mapping integration delivering a new level of functionality for geographically dispersed infrastructure. Sophisticated alarming and graphical interfaces consolidate and transform real-time process data into business critical information, heralding a new era of control and efficiency in telemetry and remote SCADA applications. And judging from what our customers had to say during our Beta program, they’re just as excited as we are:
Or connect with us directly: [|]

{info:title=Future Rebranding}
[Advance Notice: ClearSCADA will be rebranded in a future release. Click to find out more.|CS:ClearSCADA rebrand to Geo SCADA]

h5. We look forward to hearing from you\!