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h1. Problem


Transmitters with an Invensys SI board will have a Sensor Software Version less than 5.


h1. What can I expect if I have the wrong display on my transmitter?

If you have an Invensys display connected to a 4299 SI board, it will create invalid sensor readings (e.g. static pressure readings of 250,000 PSI. These invalid readings will also be reported to the flow computer or any other device polling the transmitter. Removing the display from the transmitter should allow the transmitter to read normal values again.

h1. How can I tell the displays apart?

You can visually differentiate between the old and new style displays by looking at the back of the display (see attached pictures below). The PCB fills the display casing with the old style displays, and is more rectangular with the new style displays. The old style displays will work with any 4000 series product. The new style displays will flash a version string at power up like **LCDAT** .

During the transition, a small number of new boards will likely be modified with one of the connector pins cut for transmitters with the 4299 SI Board.

Original Style Display
!Original Style Display.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

Short Term Display (removed pin circled in red)
!Short Term Display.JPG|thumbnail,border=1!

New Style Display
!New Style Display.jpg|thumbnail,border=1!

Transmitters with the Invensys SI board can work with:
* Original style display
* New style display with version string **LCDAT** , **LCDAU** or **LCDAV**

Transmitters with the 4299 SI board can work with:
* Original style display
* New style display with version string **LCDAW**
* New style display with cut pin and version string **LCDAT** , **LCDAU** or **LCDAV**