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Schneider Electric Software is proud to announce the release of ClearSCADA{^}TM^ 2017 R3, the newest version of our successful SCADA Host software.

Bringing increased efficiency in remote asset management, *ClearSCADA 2017 R3* is a major release that delivers a new level of functionality for geographically dispersed infrastructure, helping customers to unlock the geo-locational power of their SCADA assets, with the introduction of innovative location services and mapping integration.
Bringing increased efficiency in remote asset management, *ClearSCADA 2017 R3* is a release that delivers a range of features and updates for new and existing users.

{note}All users upgrading to this release will require a new license file available from customer support. This is required for both server and client upgrades. See the notes available [here|Updating Your ClearSCADA License] for further information.{note}
h1. New Product Features

h5. SCADAPack 570/575 RTU Integration
* Supporting the latest generation of SCADAPack rPAC, ClearSCADA 2017 R3 software delivers a new integration experience to help you leverage the incredible capabilities provided by the RemoteConnect configuration environment of the SCADAPack 570/575 rPACs.
* All RTU features supported by RemoteConnect today can be configured within ClearSCADA and downloaded to the RTU.

h5. Location Support & Integrated Mapping
h5. WITS-DNP3 v3.0
* New features and more efficient communications added to this now-global standard. Faster start, dead-band configuration, incident logging.
* The WITS-DNP3 driver is now available subject to your Schneider Electric in-country team.

* Integrating the location of your assets to offer location-based alarming, filtering, and allowing assets to be displayed on integrated maps\!
* Built-in monitoring of location (when enabled) from ViewX, WebX and Mobile client interfaces, allowing near-real-time tracking of your mobile workforce.
* Retrieve and display data from online map sources, ArcGIS on premise/online, and Web Map Service (WMS) providers that can include third-party GIS, real-time weather and other valuable information.
h5. DMZ Server Management
* Adding password and user management for secure architectures.

h5. Active Directory user access
h5. Performance Alarms
* Helping system administrators manage system load.

* Do away with manual user administration; instead centrally manage your ClearSCADA users from within Active Directory (AD). Use AD to manage your ClearSCADA users and their permissions (via User Groups), with new User Accounts created automatically on logon when using Domain Authentication.
h5. SQL Access Control
* Deny access to Edit Query dialog to specific users or a server’s users.

h5. Control & Feedback validation rules
h5. More!
* Access to script code from API, Quick Filter on arrays, enhanced LDAP search filters, …

* Allows for an alarm to be raised when the expected output state/value or feedback from a separate input is not received within the configured timeout, or when a point value changes and was not controlled to do so.

h5. Product Rebranding

* The release of ClearSCADA 2017 signifies the departure from our StruxureWare SCADA Expert ClearSCADA brand, and reinforces our alignment with the Schneider Electric Software Business by adopting the broader Schneider Electric brand and refreshing the ClearSCADA graphics and product icons.

h5. Driver Functionality

* New Trio Diagnostics driver using the Advanced Driver Framework, providing enhanced communication efficiency and capability for gathering diagnostics information from a Trio Radio network
* Native support for the Lacroix Sofrel RTU family, including S50 & S500 series RTUs, Cellbox-DATA and Telbox using the SOFBUS-PL protocol and S500 series RTUs also via LACBUS-RTU protocol.

h5. Enhancements to ViewX user interface

* We've improved the functionality of ViewX in a multi-monitor environment;
** Supporting both horizontal and vertical tab groups and floating windows in both Primary and Secondary window containers, allowing documents to be freely ‘dragged and dropped’ within or between any multi-monitor container to configure an ad-hoc document layout
** Documents in any window container can be placed into Design Mode (via Ribbon or QAT buttons) for editing.
** "Super Favorites" can be used to save and restore an entire multi-monitor window configuration, so you can pick up right where you left off\!

h5. Security Features

* ClearSCADA 2017 R3 continues to deliver enhancements to security, including
** preventing System commands from running as the local Windows System User and configuring them to run under a local User Account,
** installing ClearSCADA service to run under a local User Account with reduced privilege, and
** tightening the security policy for the ClearSCADA Super User password, enforcing a minimum of 12 characters.
Please read the [Release Notes|^ClearSCADA Release Notes.pdf] document for a more detailed list of the new changes in this version of ClearSCADA.