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h1. New Features in R2.1

* · *Feature:*  *Feature:* SCADAPack RAM battery status reporting.

*Summary:* The RAM battery voltage is now exposed via SYSTEM DATA in addition to the RAM battery state and is displayed on the RemoteConnect Online Status page. The RAM battery state has had a value deadband of 100 mVdc added to it. It will report low battery at 3 Vdc and return to reporting good battery at 3.1 Vdc.
*Engineering reference:* FUN-1341, FUN-1405, RSC-2605
* · *Feature:* System Status Codes

*Summary:* The following system status codes have been added:
*Engineering reference:* DSUM-939, RSC-2678, RSC-2676, RSC-2646, FUN-1374
* · *Feature:* RemoteConnect “Get Device Information” command

*Summary:* RemoteConnect now supports generating and collecting a diagnostic file from the RTU with a single command. The “Get Device Information” command has the SCADAPack generate a file that includes the output of many common commands and then transfers the file to the PC. This file is typically used by technical support to help diagnose operational issues.
*Engineering reference:* RSC-2599
* · *Feature:* Logic editor system bits

*Summary:* System bit %S51 is supported and displays the same information as System Data SYS_CLOCK_QualityAlert. It represents the quality of the real-time clock.
*Engineering reference:* FUN-1390, DSUM-956
* · *Feature:* Modbus TCP server

*Summary:* The inactivity timeout for Modbus TCP server connections is configurable. It was fixed at 60 seconds in previous versions of SCADAPack x70 firmware.
*Engineering reference:* FUN-1397
* · *Feature:* RemoteConnect serial port 5 Vdc line

*Summary:* RemoteConnect can configure the state of the 5 Vdc power line on the serial ports. This was previously possible only via logic.
*Engineering reference:* RSC-2079
* · *Feature:* 6602 Hart Analog module

*Summary:* Support has been added for one 6602 HART Analog module to connect to the SCADAPack 570, 574, and 575.
*Engineering reference:* RSC-2497
* · *Feature:* DNP3 Device Trouble Internal Indication(IIN)

*Summary:* The SCADAPack now raises DNP3 Device Trouble IIN 1.6 when the NVRAM battery has a low voltage or a real-time clock issue is detected.