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This technical notice describes the changes included in 2.05.1 which is available now.
h2. Application Version

The Accutech Manager application version is 2.05.927.

h2. Firmware Version

Firmware included in this release:
* Firmware version 2.05 - BR21 base radio.
* Firmware version 2.04 - BR10 and BR20 base radios, and all field units except AM20.
* Firmware version 2.01A - AM20 field unit.

h1. New Features in XXXX
h2. Application Changes

These application changes were made.
*  Changed the BR20 identification string displayed in the base radio view to BR20/BR21.

h1. Issues Resolved from XXXX
These manual updates were made.
* Added documentation for BR21 Base Radio \[ADOC-799\].
* Added description of antenna connector for 915 MHz radios \[ADOC-802\].
* Removed duplicate information in base radio documentation \[ADOC-809\].
* Added Cybersecurity topic \[ADOC-810\].
* Added 6-digit addresses for Modbus communication \[ADOC-814\].
* Corrected coupling size for SL10 \[ADOC-820\].
* Added 2.4 GHz specifications to base radio documentation \[ADOC-826\].
* Updated compliance statements to latest standards \[ADOC-827\].

h2. Firmware Changes

h1. Software Relevant to this Release

These firmware changes were made.
* Added BR21 base radio.