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* *SCADAPack 570/575 RTU Integration* – supporting the latest generation of SCADAPack Smart RTUs, ClearSCADA 2017 R2 delivers a new integration experience to help you leverage the incredible capabilities of the SCADAPack x70 range.
* *Independent Communications (for IP devices)* – We've redefined the Advanced IP Driver architecture, supporting concurrent polling on the same channel from multiple RTUs at the same time, so delays in polling one RTU do not affect other RTUs on the same channel. Round-robin polling will still be available for those circumstances that require it (although unfortunately won't be ready for the Beta), but concurrent polling will be the new normal for ClearSCADA!
* *Separated WebX Server* – Host WebX on a stand-alone machine, supporting redundant ClearSCADA servers!
* *Additional functionality* – ViewX UI enhancements, Event Suppression enhancements, Floboss Driver polling enhancements, Login Security improvements, and a Password Dictionary!