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Support for remote updates of 6601 I/O module bootloader.

The command line command “restart iofirm <filename> <module address>” is provided for 6601 firmware upgrades. The 6601 firmware upgrade command can be used to upgrade the 6601 bootloader. This is only supported on RTU firmware 8.12.6 and later and 6601 firmware 1.80.6 and later. “*restart iofirm bl6601.bin <module address>*” will apply bootloader file bl6601.bin. The filename *bl6601.bin* is the only filename that is accepted for the bootloader. Other file names will result in an attempt to patch the 6601 firmware and not the 6601 bootloader. The 6601 bootloader version is not reported on the command line.\\

Firmware version of all 6601 I/O modules displayed in output of “ver” command.
* *SCADAPack E Modbus Slave and Modbus Server support for 123 registers when responding to Modbus Function code 16 (write multiple holding registers)*

Previously the device only responded to requests for 100 or fewer registers. The Modbus Slave or Modbus Server now responds to requests for up to 123 holding registers.\\ \\
* *SCADAPack E 6601 I/O module extended over-range and under-range*

These issues were fixed:
* *Feature Affected:* SCADAPack E Configurator DNP3 Data concentrator configuration.
*Platforms:* All

*Issue:* The SCADAPack E Configurator “Add Device” dialog on the DNP3 Data Concentrator page was opening but several key selections were greyed out.
*Fix:* The “Add Device” dialog now functions as intended.

*Use 8.12.6 software when:* Creating new configurations that require Data Concentrator functionality.\\ \\
* *Feature Affected:* Alarm limit exceeded point attribute.
*Platforms:* All

*Issue:* Analog points would incorrectly leave their alarm limit exceeded point attribute active if the point was reconfigured while the limit exceeded attribute was active. If the reconfiguration involved changing the alarm limit to a value that meant the alarm limit exceeded attribute should be cleared, it was not cleared.
*Fix:* The alarm limit exceeded point attribute is now reassessed during an incremental reconfiguration such as those sent by ClearSCADA.

*Use 8.12.6 firmware when:* Regular reconfigurations are made to the alarm limit exceeded point attributes of a RTU.\\ \\
* *Feature Affected:* Time limited licence.
*Platforms:* All

*Issue:* When a time-limited RTU license expired, the license bits were not set back to the license defaults for that RTU platform but to a smaller subset of license bits.
*Fix:* When a time limited license expires, the license bits are now set back to the defaults for that RTU platform.

*Use 8.12.6 firmware when:* Time-limited device licensing is in use.\\
* *Feature Affected:* Device system time.
*Platforms:* SCADAPack 53xE

*Issue:* Restarting the SCADAPack 53xE when the device clock was set to the month of December caused the device time to reset to 01/01/1970.
*Fix:* The 53xE now retains the time across a restart regardless of the month. A loss of power when the battery is low still results in the RTU time resetting to 01/01/1970. The RTU may experience a shift in time of one month after upgrading the firmware to 8.12.6. If there is no NTP time synchronization or DNP3 Master to write time to the device, use SCADAPack E Configurator to update the device time after the firmware update to 8.12.6 is complete.

*Use 8.12.6 firmware when:* Using a SCADAPack 53xE that does not receive regular time updates and timestamping of events shortly after start-up is important.\\
* *Feature Affected:* 6601 I/O module.
*Platforms:* SCADAPack 53xE

*Issue:* The version number of the 6601 module at address 0 was displayed incorrectly in the output of the “ver” command.

* SCADAPack E Configurator application version is
* &nbsp;
* Firmware version is
* &nbsp;
* 6601 I/O module firmware version 1.80.6
* &nbsp;
* 6601 I/O module bootloader version 1.80.6