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ClearSCADA also requires Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit), 10 (32 bit) or 11 (32-bit) for both software installation and fully-functional web-based operation. The new WebX User Interface available from ClearSCADA 2015 R1 is accessible from any HTML5 browser for viewing of Trends, Alarm Lists, Event Lists, and Queries from various types of phone, tablet or laptop.
{note:title=Web and Mobile Server}The Web server available in ClearSCADA 2017 is 64-bit only and therefore not available to install on 32-bit computers. This feature must be installed on the server(s) to use the new WebX User Interface.
The original integrated WebX is still available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.{note}

Refer to [this page|CS:ClearSCADA Mobile Operating System Support] for ClearSCADA Mobile Operating System Support.{note}
{note:title=Known Issues}Please refer to the [Known Issues|ClearSCADA 2017 Known Issues] for more details about compatibility issues between ClearSCADA 2017 and Internet Explorer 9/10/11.{note}