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Thank you for submitting your request to update your ClearSCADA license. A member of our SCADA Orders team will process your request shortly and email back instructions to complete the license update.

Please [click here|] to download the initial release of ClearSCADA 2015 R2. 2017. Please note, the file is 2GB in size.

ClearSCADA releases are now provided in ISO format, rather than a ZIP archive, for increased security. As described on the [File Hashes page|CS:File Hashes] we can provide MD5 and SHA1 file hashes for download to allow independent verification of the ClearSCADA program files, in addition to the existing signing of executables.

Previous supported versions of ClearSCADA are available for download [here|CS:ClearSCADA Downloads].
Please visit the [ClearSCADA Downloads page|CS:ClearSCADA Downloads] for access to the latest Monthly Updates for your ClearSCADA version.