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This page contains a number of Tools for ClearSCADA that extend beyond the core functionality in specific areas, as well as Samples to give you a helping hand.

[Software Installation Kit Link|]

h4. Area of Interest (AoI) Cleaner

If the Area of Interest feature has been used, configuration export files (.sde) will include the full Areas of Interest list when exported. This full list will be imported alongside the .sde configuration, which sometimes is not desired. It may bring in some or many Areas of Interest which are not needed. This tool can be used to delete the Areas of Interest not currently used in a system's configuration.

The Area of Interest Cleaner tool is included in future versions of ClearSCADA, and is also available for previous versions in the link below:

Link TBA.

h4. Triple Standby Synchronization Tool for Permanent Standby Servers

[Software Installation Kit Link|]

h4. Export and Import History Tool

This is a simple tool which can be used to export history from a running database, and then import it back into a different database. It creates text files named by point (so you can rename them if you want to import to a different point name).

Run the .exe file, complete the top connection data and the pink export data, then click ‘Export to Files’. Check the log in the same folder if something goes wrong. It saves settings between runs in a .ini file so that the exports and imports can be repeated easily.


h2. ClearSCADA DDK Driver Samples