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h1. Problem

Previously in ISaGRAF 3.55, the end user would need to write the SCADAPack controller settings (serial port, DNP3, RTC, etc...) by using the "Write to Controller" command via the "Tools > Controller" drop down menu. The TRSS specific SCADAPack Standard functionality is not built into the new Workbench as it was in 3.55. Instead a separate program called "SCADAPack Configurator" is needed to perform these operations.

Along with being able to read and write all the specific SCADAPack Standard specific settings, SCADAPack Configurator can be used to obtain Watchdog logs, logs obtained from the dlogfcfg & dlogf functions, DNP Master and Slave diagnostics, C/C+\+ program Loader as well as SCADAPack Security.