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To stay informed about ClearSCADA's New Product Releases and Security Notifications, please visit our [CS:Stay Informed!] page and we'll keep you updated.
h3. We've moved some things around\!

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h4. ClearSCADA Free-Trial Download Form
A full function demonstration copy of ClearSCADA is available through download here. This version is the full product with all the features included but with a limited run-time of 2 hours and 1000 tags / points maximum. The demo mode also includes 2x WebX clients for your evaluation.
In conjunction with the availability of ClearSCADA Monthly Updates, we're making it easier by moving the Software Download form to the main *ClearSCADA Downloads* page.
If you have saved a link to this page, please update it accordingly.
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Once the 2 hour run-time has lapsed, the ClearSCADA server will shutdown but can simply be restarted via the ClearSCADA Service Manager.

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*_Are you having trouble downloading ClearSCADA? If so, please let us know what issues you're having so we can get it resolved:_*

| Trouble downloading? |{mail-input:type=checkbox|name=DownloadProblems|required=false} |
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Thank you for your request for ClearSCADA.

h3. ClearSCADA Download

ClearSCADA 2017 is [now available for download here|].

Please note, ClearSCADA releases are approximately 2GB in size.

ClearSCADA releases are now provided in ISO format, rather than a ZIP archive, for increased security. As described on the [File Hashes page|CS:File Hashes] we can provide MD5 and SHA1 file hashes for download to allow independent verification of the ClearSCADA program files, in addition to the existing signing of executables.

All other supported versions of ClearSCADA are available for download [here|CS:ClearSCADA Downloads].

h3. Demonstration Mode

Please note that ClearSCADA will operate in Demonstration mode until a license is purchased. The Demonstration mode of ClearSCADA provides the same functionality as a fully licensed version except the ClearSCADA Server only runs for 2 hours at a time, then automatically shuts down. The server must be manually restarted to continue operation.

h3. License Update Request

Customers wishing to upgrade their version of ClearSCADA will require an updated license key from the factory. It is recommended that the appropriate license keys are obtained prior to installing a new ClearSCADA version. Customers with an active Support Agreement can request an update to their current license via the [Update Request Form|CS:ClearSCADA Update Request Form].


h4. Thanks for visiting the ClearSCADA Resource Center!