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h2. Overview of Scripting

Scripting, in all versions up to and including ClearSCADA 2014 R1, 2017 R2, is based on Microsoft’s ActiveScript and is included as part of the functionality of ViewX. It is not developed by Schneider Electric but merely extended with some custom objects. One such limitations however is that it is not possible for scripting to access database properties from ClearSCADA via the standard connection paths that the mimics and trends use, by default this is the connection to port 5481, and so must instead use the SOAP interface which is provided by the same core functionality as standard WebX. This means that when scripting needs to access ClearSCADA database properties it must open a connection to the WebX port to get that data and this can cause a few problems if there is a configuration problem\!

Whenever you use the Server or Alarm.Server object in scripting, that call is requiring access to data from ClearSCADA and this request is transmitted via the WebX ports.