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h2. How SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Support & Maintenance works

Service and Support is sold in fixed unit costs, with each ClearSCADA license and option having a predetermined unit quantity associated to it. When the initial ClearSCADA license is purchased this becomes the Anniversary Date and renewal period for subsequent years. If further licenses are purchased or a system is expanded then a standard support component is added to the purchase - the support component for new software is then pro-rated to the initial anniversary date at time of next renewal, so the anniversary date is consistent for all keys. The anniversary date will never change so long as you remain in the program. If your SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Service and Support program lapses and you would like to be reinstated into the program, the reinstatement is subject to a retroactive payment plus the upcoming year (356 days) of support. The retroactive period will not exceed three (3) calendar years.

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