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*Active Maintenance*: All relevant bug fixes from the latest development branch are migrated onto the released version and provided as periodic Service Pack releases. Hotfix builds are also produced between service packs to address specific issues. Service packs are fully supported, hotfix builds are only supported until the next service pack.

*Extended Support*: {color:#ff6600}{*}Extended Support{*}{color}{color:#ff6600}:{color} The support group will investigate issues and answer questions, and if possible provide work-arounds. Bugs found will be fixed in the latest code branch, but the fixes will not normally be migrated back to the extended support version. Production of service packs stops. Hotfix builds may be produced on request, although will be at the discretion of the support team based on severity and urgency.

{color:#ff0000}{*}Out of Support{*}{color}: This version is no longer supported. The support group will not investigate reported issues unless the person raising the issue indicates it is still a problem in a supported version.

The versions of ClearSCADA in support are as follows:
||  \\
Initial Release Date || Version 78 \\
Active Maintenance \\