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{warning:title=Critical Update - Spectre & Meltdown}
*18 January 2018*

The testing and verification of Microsoft patches for these vulnerabilities is ongoing.

We hope to advise users during January of the potential performance impact of these updates, and whether an update of ClearSCADA software will be required for any reason.

Please see the updates on [this page|CS:Critical Update - Spectre and Meltdown].


It is anticipated that the results of the next round of Microsoft patch testing for January March 2018 will be published here by *January *March 31st 2018*

There was no update testing performed in February 2017 as Microsoft chose to not release the scheduled patches until March due to undisclosed problems: []

Schneider Electric recommends that this released patch information is used alongside a suitable patch management process, for example as documented in IEC-62443-2-3, which includes additional local testing using customer specific configuration prior to deployment to *any* production system.