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* The first step is to find the RGB values of the color you require.  These values can be obtained from the advanced color palette within ClearSCADA.  In the example below, the RGB values are 51, 208 and 47.
\\ \\ !Color Palette.JPG|align=center!

The RGB color number for the green chosen is (128,255,128).  The hex conversion for 128 is 80 and for 255 is FF.  Reverse appending the numbers gives us 80FF80.  Converted to decimal, this gives our color parameter default value of 8454016.

If you want to 'build' a color for ClearSCADA, which can also be used with SQL, then you can use this method.
For example to create the colour with these three numbers:
Red = 10
Green = 20
Blue = 30

Your application needs to use the expression/number like this:

(10 + 20*256 + 30*256*256)

So just substitute 10,20,30 with your Red, Green and Blue decimal values.