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When creating a "ViewXColour" parameter, you cannot enter 'RGB( 0, 0, 255)' for example as this would normally be an expression.  This will be evaluated as a string value of 'RGB( 0, 0, 255)' which would then return a Type Mismatch if used in a color animation.  You should specify the color as a number e.g. 16711680 (0xFF0000) for blue.

To determine the decimal value of a color takes a few steps but is fairly simple.
* The first step is to find the RGB values of the color you require.  These values can be obtained from the advanced color palette within ClearSCADA.  In the example below, the RGB values are 51, 208 and 47.

\\ \\ !Color Palette.JPG|align=center!
\\ \\
* Once you have the RGB values, convert them to hex and reverse append them.  (Converting these numbers can be done using the Windows Calculator).