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Our testing with the available Spectre and Meltdown operating system updates *active* has shown that there is a measurable impact on performance. Impact on disk I/O was not as noticeable in our testing as was the impact on network access. It is not possible to produce definitive figures, so we recommend that you perform testing on offline/simulation systems before deployment, particularly on large or heavily loaded systems. e.g. where total lock usage is above 40%.

You can see total lock usage by adding the result of the OPC tags "\#LOCK.1.% Time In Excl Lock" and "\#LOCK.1.% Time In Shared Lock". The values of these metrics are also listed in snapshot files, and we recommend comparing figures before and after the updates are applied and activated.

Tag \#LOCK.1.% Time In Excl Lock

h5. 18 January 2018