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Page: Certificate Signing Requests and SSL Key Size
ClearSCADA provides a SSL Key (ClearSCADA.key) to generate Certificate Signing Requests to a third party Certificate Authority. The default key size is 512bits, however some authorities require different key sizes (for example, 1024, 2048 bits). ClearSCADA provides ...
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Page: ClearSCADA 2010 R2 ViewX Secure Connection
Starting with CS 2010 R2, all ViewX connections to the Web Server (scripting, HTML reports) are encrypted and need authentication by default. Because of that, after upgrading to CS 2010 R2, the user may see the following dialog box after pressing ...
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Page: Using Automation Interface to Add or Modify Security
automation interface supports two methods to configure security on objects in the ClearSCADA database, GetSecurity and SetSecurity. GetSecurity Method GetSecurity returns the security settings on an ClearSCADA object as a comma separated string. For example, User:Username:Full,Guest:ViewBRS ...
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