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  • Licensed 370-520MHz band operation 
  • Up to 19,200bps over-air data rates
  • Superior receiver sensitivity
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Half and Full Duplex remote variants
  • Base and hot-swappable standby base station variants
  • Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C & D Hazardous Approval
  • 3-year warranty (parts and labor)


Pushing the limits of 450MHz radio technology to the edge and beyond, the E-Series of data radios offers all the performance, power and flexibility needed to meet the communications requirements of today's complex SCADA systems.

The E-Series is comprised of dedicated half and full-duplex (ER450) remote radio variants, a base station model (EB450) and a hot stand-by base station controller (EH450) that provides true redundant base station radio operation.

The products are fully user-configurable for transmitter power, frequency tuning (~13 MHz sub bands) and data port performance parameters, are equipped with a dedicated system port and have dual serial user ports and integrated multiplexer that can facilitate remote RTU configuration.

Like their cousins the J & K Series, E-Series radios take advantage of innovative features such as support for multiple data streams, collision-avoidance algorithms and network management and remote diagnostics.

E-Series products are engineered for extreme installations with robust metal-alloy remote radio housings, high duty-cycle base stations and an operating temperature range of  -30 to +60ºC (-22 to 140ºF).


Trio E-Series Datasheets (EB, EH, ER)

E-Series Hardware Manual

EB Quick Start Guide

EH Quick Start Guide

ER Quick Start Guide

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3040-0074 E-Series 450MHz Licensed Radios