Trio Radios


Serial Port B settings
  • Mode: MODBUS/TCP Gateway
  • Character Layer: Custom
  • Baud Rate: 9600
  • Data Bits: 8
  • Parity: None vStop Bits: 1
  • Packet Layer: MODBUS
  • Protocol: TCP vProtocol Mode: TCP Server
  • Local IP Port: 502 vInactivity Timeout (s): 30
  • MODBUS RTU Timeout (s): 10
  • Connect the Custom serial cable from the Remote JR900 radio serial port A/B to the Short Haul Diag (A) port and Short Haul Data (B) port.
  • Connect the Internet Straight Through cable From LAN1 of the Access point JR900 radio to Host Computer.
  • Connect the Serial cable TBUM297820 from the from Access point JR900 radio serial port A/B to the Host Computer.
  • Open Accutech Manager and configure serial communication setting to Monitor Field unit devices.
  • Open Modbus Host software and configure it to communicate via LAN  with Slave IP: with address 10  to poll modbus registers.
  • Test the Modbus capabilities over the air by using a Modbus emulator such as ComTest Pro from Baseblock:
Additional information about using ComTest Pro to poll a base radio serially is available here.
Sample JR900 Radio Configuration files: