Software Tools


  • Easy-to-use programming environment
  • Comprehensive list of SCADA-specific functions
  • On-line editing and monitoring
  • Off-line development and editing
  • Variety of communiations media and protocols supported
  • C/C++ applications run concurrently with TelePACE applications


TelePACE is Control Microsystems' proprietary programming environment. This easy-to-use software package allows users to develop relay ladder logic networks for use in SCADAPack controllers. The software runs on Microsoft Windows NT™, Windows 2000 Professional™, Windows XP Professional™, Windows Server 2003™, Windows Vista Business™, Windows Vista Ultimate™ and Windows Vista Enterprise™ operating systems.

The TelePACE environment was designed with ease of use in mind. The TelePACE Ladder Editor allows the programmer to assign tag names to process I/O addresses and data registers. With drag and drop control, the programmer can place a wide array of functions in the ladder network including: contacts, outputs, counters, PID controllers, HART interface functions and more. Once complete the programmer can upload the application to the SCADAPack controller through a direct or network connection. Using the online monitoring function a field engineer can edit the program while online, providing a highly efficient debugging environment.


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TelePACE Studio Programming Samples

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