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SCADAPack Workbench provides IEC61131-3 international standard Programmable Logic RTU (PLC) programming capabilities for SCADAPack E and SCADAPack remote terminal units (RTUs). It is used to create, manage and simulate IEC 61131-3 applications.

The SCADAPack Workbench software executes on a PC and provides application generation, transferring and debugging through connection to the target virtual machine (VM) through serial or network communications.

The IEC 61131-3 target VM executes on the RTU and is built-in to the operating system.

Target Support

SCADAPack Workbench supports the following target types:

· Target 3, which runs on SCADAPack RTUs

· Target 5, which runs on SCADAPack E RTUs

Language Support

SCADAPack Workbench supports four standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages:

· Functional Block Diagram (FBD)

· Ladder Diagram (LD)

· Structured Text (ST)

· Sequential Function Chart (SFC) (**SCADAPack E Only)


The product is available in a software key only, in a variety of I/O count-based packages. SCADAPack Workbench is also available as a special Technician License package that allows the user to accomplish all the things that a regular license permits, but without the ability to create, edit or compile code.


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