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Features / Applications 

  • Gathers data logs from controllers over networks
  • Saves logs to CSV file format
  • Scripting automates retrieval and exporting
  • Well optimization
  • Sequence of events
  • Infiltration and inflow studies
  • Energy balance studies
  • Environmental monitoring


Control Microsystems' SCADALog software is a PC-based application that is used to upload and work with data that has been stored in the field. The SCADALog software can be used with any of the Control Microsystems' SCADAPack controllers or with the RealFLO 4203GFC integrated gas flow computer.

In addition to conventional recording of historical data, applications can include the backup of process data in the event of a network communications failure.
In applications where critical environmental parameters must be stored to meet government regulations, SCADALog can be used to easily collect the required data.

Using the TelePACE DLOG Ladder function allows for event driven recording of data, while the GETL function can be used to move previously logged data from conventional memory into protocol registers for retrieval by SCADA host or HMI software packages.

Logged data may be retrieved over full duplex RS232, half duplex for radios and modems, dial-up telephone or through an Ethernet network. SCADALog can also be used in conjunction with Control Microsystems' SCADAServer Host OPC server which enables the SCADALog package to share communications facilities with any OPC enabled HMI or SCADA Host package.


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