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Features / Applications

  • Well head measurement and automation
  • Liquid flow totalization
  • Separator measurement and control
  • Flow measurement
  • Industrial energy consumption measurement
  • Pipeline balancing
  • Pipeline transmission station automation
  • Coal bed methane production optimization
  • "POD" automation


RealFLO is an application that enables custody transfer gas flow measurement of up to ten flow runs in Control Microsystems SCADAPack controllers. The application provides EFM functionality independent of, yet concurrent with, the controller's Ladder Logic/IEC6-1131-3 and C/C++ user programmability.

RealFLO supports concurrent AGA-3 (orifice plate), V-Cone, and AGA-7 (turbine meter) flow measurements with AGA-8 or NX-19 gas density calculations. Meeting the requirements of API 21.1, RealFLO provides 35 days of hourly and daily averages, 700 user changes and events as well as 300 alarms.

RealFLO is the latest user interface that offers more efficient well deployment utilizing wizards and templates that minimize entry tasks required by operators and measurement technicians. The user also has the ability to export EFM data with customizable file naming conventions for FlowCal Measurement Software easing file organization.


RealFLO Product Specifications

RealFLO User and Reference Manual

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RealFLO Release Notes

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