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How do I update firmware on a SCADAPack E-Series RTU? SCADAPack E-Series RTU's can have their firmware updated in many ways. This can be done via ClearSCADA, another DNP3 master using the DNP3 file transfer protocol and there are even 2 ways to do it via the E-Series Configurator. The method shown below will update firmware using the E-Series Configurator via DNP3.


To ensure correct operation of all software, it is recommended that the firmware in the E-Series RTU matches the version of E-Series Configuration and SCADAPack Workbench.

The version of SCADAPack Configuraotr will determine what version of firmware you have installed don your computer. Check the ABOUT box by clicking on the HELP drop down menu in the E-Series Configurator application. If you are using SCADApack Workbench, then the version of SCADApack workbench should match the version of the E-Series Configurator and the firmware on your SCADAPack.

Ensure you have a DNP3 connection to the SCADAPack. This can be serial, ethernet or a USB connection. Configure the Communication settings. This example uses USB which is supported on 3xxE and 5xxE SCADAPacks.

From the Transfer menu select "Update System Firmware"

Next select the update method radio button for DNP3 Connection and press NEXT. Please note a RTU restart will be required. You will be prompted to select a file. The firmware file is saved in the the following directory on your computer C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\SCADAPack E\Firmware. Select the latest .biz file for your particular SCADAPack. The firmware will update and you will be prompted to restart the RTU when it completes.