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Let the SCADAPack 350 or 357 inform you directly via email when important events occur, such as, a setpoint out of limits or any other event triggered by your ISaGRAF application. This sample project contains an ISaGRAF EMAIL Function Block and a C Application that together provide the Email functionality. Simply place the SCADAPack on a network that has access to any SMTP server and begin sending emails directly from the SCADAPack.


The following items are contained in this sample project:

  • ISaGRAF project FB_EMAIL.PIA,
  • C Application directory emailApp,
  • Instructions - Email FB for SCADAPack 350.doc.

To use this sample project:

  • Select the following link:
  • Select the Open button. (WinZip is opened)
  • Select the Use Evaluation Version button. (The WinZip program list is displayed)
  • From WinZip, select all files in the display list and then extract these files to a target folder on your computer.
  • Exit WinZip.
  • Refer to Instructions - Email FB for SCADAPack 350.doc for installation instructions.