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Oil and Gas Producers increasingly rely on field automation to drive efficiencies from the field to the office in an effort to improve the fiscal bottom line. As the number of field automation devices increases, so does the draw on IT support at the SCADA Host to configure and maintain new installations. One method to manage these IT costs is the ability of the SCADA Host to "self-discover" the configuration and data points in the field, ultimately allowing it to add the new instance to its polling list and database. Not only does this save time in the initial configuration, but more so prevents duplicate configuration in the field and at the host, and the inevitable opportunity for human error.

Device configuration registers are supported on all SCADAPack controllers with 2.44 (or later) firmware; SCADAPack 32 controllers with 1.92 (or later) firmware and SCADAPack 330, SCADAPack 334, SCADAPack 350 or SCADASense 4203 controllers with 1.25 (or later) firmware.

The following functions are used to configure the Device Configuration

*CNFG Device Configuration register assignment in TelePACE
*DevConf in ISaGRAF
*configurationSetApplicationID in C/C++ Tools
*Flow Computer Application ID in RealFLO

Theory of Operation

Users have a number of programs, applications or "loads" throughout their field operations that have been developed to run on various SCADAPack platforms. The ones with sufficient importance are catalogued, properly documented, and managed from a central location.

A group of Modbus registers are reserved in the SCADAPack firmware where the applications that are running on the device are identified and polled by the SCADA Host.

The number of applications and version control are the responsibility of the user.

Configuration Data

Device configuration registers are set using the functions specific to the application being used. See above for function used in Control Microsystems applications.

Register Description
Enable Device Configuration Registers
_ 0 = configuration registers operate as normal input registers
_ 1 = configuration registers report device configuration
Company ID Contact Control Microsystems to obtain your company ID
Logic Application pass code used to access flow computer

Device Configuration Read Only Registers

The Device configuration is stored in Modbus input (3xxxx series) registers as shown below. The registers are read with standard Modbus commands. These registers cannot be written to. Device configuration registers used fixed addresses. This facilitates identifying the applications in a standard manner.

The application IDs are cleared on every controller reset. Applications must run and set the application ID for it to be valid.

The following information is stored in the device configuration. 2 logic application identifiers are provided for compatibility with SCADAPack ES/ER controllers that provide 2 ISaGRAF applications. The second logic application identifier is not used with other controllers. 32 application identifiers are provided to accommodate C applications in SCADAPack 33x/350 controllers.

Register Description
39800 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),first_byte _
39801 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),second_byte _
39802 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),third_byte _
39803 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),fourth_byte _
39804 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),fifth_byte _
39805 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),sixth_byte _
39806 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),seventh_byte _
39807 Controller_ID(ASCII_value),eighth_byte _
39808 Firmware_version(major*100_+minor) _
39809 Firmware_version_build_number(if_applicable)_ _
39810 Logic_Application_1-Company_ID(see_below)_ _
39811 Logic_Application_1-Application_number(0_to_65535)_ _
39812 Logic_Application_1-Application_version(major*100_+minor) _
39813 Logic_Application_2-Company_ID(see_below)_ _
39814 Logic_Application_2-Application_number(0_to_65535)_ _
39815 Logic_Application_2-Application_version(major*100_+minor) _
39816 Number_of_applications_identifiers_used(0_to_32)_ _
39817 Application_identifier_1(see_format_below)_ _
39820 Application_identifier_2(see_format_below)_ _
39823 Application_identifier_3(see_format_below)_ _
39826 Application_identifier_4(see_format_below)_ _
39829 Application_identifier_5(see_format_below)_ _
39832 Application_identifier_6(see_format_below)_ _
39835 Application_identifier_7(see_format_below)_ _
39838 Application_identifier_8(see_format_below)_ _
39841 Application_identifier_9(see_format_below)_ _
39844 Application_identifier_10(see_format_below)_ _
39847 Application_identifier_11(see_format_below)_ _
39850 Application_identifier_12(see_format_below)_ _
39853 Application_identifier_13(see_format_below)_ _
39856 Application_identifier_14(see_format_below)_ _
39859 Application_identifier_15(see_format_below)_ _
39862 Application_identifier_16(see_format_below)_ _
39865 Application_identifier_17(see_format_below)_ _
39868 Application_identifier_18(see_format_below)_ _
39871 Application_identifier_19(see_format_below)_ _
39874 Application_identifier_20(see_format_below)_ _
39877 Application_identifier_21(see_format_below)_ _
39880 Application_identifier_22(see_format_below)_ _
39883 Application_identifier_23(see_format_below)_ _
39886 Application_identifier_24(see_format_below)_ _
39889 Application_identifier_25(see_format_below)_ _
39892 Application_identifier_26(see_format_below)_ _
39895 Application_identifier_27(see_format_below)_ _
39898 Application_identifier_28(see_format_below)_ _
39901 Application_identifier_29(see_format_below)_ _
39904 Application_identifier_30(see_format_below)_ _
39907 Application_identifier_31(see_format_below)_ _
39910 Application_identifier_32(see_format_below)_ _
39913 to39999Reserved_for_future_expansion _

Application Identifier

The application identifier is formatted as follows.

Register Description
Start Company ID (see below)  
Start + 1 Application number (0 to 65535)  
Start + 2 Application version (major*100 + minor)  

Company Identifier

Control Microsystems maintains a list of company identifiers to ensure the company ID is unique. Contact Control Microsystems for a Company ID. Company ID 0 indicates an identifier is unused.

Company IDs 1 to 100 are reserved for Control Microsystems use.

Please contact technical support to obtain a Company ID