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This project uses the LD (ladder diagram) language to continually transfer data by cycling through a series of three master function blocks.

All ISaGRAF project files associated with this sample program have been archived to a single file with the extension ".pia".


To utlilize this sample program:

  • Select the following link: MSTR_LD.ZIP
  • Select the Open button. (Winzip is opened)
  • Select the Use Evaluation Version button. (The Winzip program list is displayed)
  • From Winzip, select the sample file in the display list and then extract it to a target folder on your computer.
  • Exit Winzip.
  • Open the ISaGRAF Projects application.
  • Select the Tools | Archive | Projects command.
  • Select the Browse button.
  • Browse to the target folder specified during the previous download procedure.
  • Highlight the sample project name in the Archive list and select the Restore button. (the project is unzipped to the ISaGRAF workbench).
  • Select the Close button.
  • The sample project name should now appear in the project list.
  • Double click on the sample project to open it.