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Checking for RealFLO Input Force or Live Indication

This Technical Support Notice describes the recommended wiring method when powering the following controllers from a 24VDC battery.

It is often very useful to have some indication at SCADA host when the measurement inputs for a flow run are in the live or forced state. While usually in the live state inputs can be placed in the forced state when calibrating or typicallyThe forced state for inputs is
The following is for Run 1 (other runs will be offset from this as per the TeleBUS Protocol section in the RealFLO manual):

The live inputs are in registers:
47522 (temperature)
47524 (static pressure)
47526 (differential pressure)

The forced values are in registers:
47556 (temperature)
47558 (static pressure)
48470 (differential pressure)

The calibration register, 47502, indicates whether the value is forced or live. Note that these are not specified in the RealFLO TeleBUS Protocol Manual. I got this information from Joe and will add the information to the manual.
Temperature is forced when bit 4 is set: value is 16.
SP is forced when bit 5 is set: value is 32.
DP is forced when bit 6 is set: value is 64.
Pulse rate is forced when bit 7 is set: value is 128.

  • SCADAPack32 or SCADAPack32P controllers (up to board rev 5).
  • SCADAPack32 or SCADAPack32P controllers (rev 6 and above).