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Selecting Pressure type from within RealFLO6

From the Sensor and Display Configuration (MVT Configuration), select the required pressure type from within the Static Pressure field.

Pressure Type:

-Absolute Pressure (Atmospheric Pressure will be included in the static pressure measurement)

-Gage Pressure (Determined by user and will be subtracted from the static pressure measurement)

This will determine how you will proceed with the calibration process of your Static Pressure measurement.


NOTE: In RealFLO 6, the user has the option to calibrate the Static Pressure sensors in either Gage or Absolute. A good indication to know which pressure type has been selected is the displayed units in the calibration routine when completing a Static Pressure calibration. If the units are, for example kPaa or psia, the calibration must be done using Absolute Pressure. If the units are kPag or psig, the calibration must be done using Gage Pressure.

When re-zeroing a sensor using Absolute Pressure, you need to know the local Atmospheric Pressure in uncorrected units. This can be measured using a manometer, GPS or an accurate pressure gage. Do not use corrected pressure, as used by weather stations.


Example of Calibrating the Static Pressure Sensor (Re-Zero)

Measurements (kPA):

External Atompheric Pressure - 101.325 kPa

SCADASense Static Pressure - 93.982 kPa

Prior to the following screens, the user will need to select the Maintenance > Calibration > Sensor "type" > Calibrated Static Pressure Sensor from within RealFLO 6. (Follow instructions as indicated in screen capture)






The remaining screens will guide the user in generating the report on the specified calibration. For more information on calibration of SCADASense transmitter, please see the RealFLO6 User and Reference Manual.