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To: Our Valued Customers:

Please be advised that Control Microsystems intends to discontinue manufacture of the SOLARPack 210 product as of September 15, 2010. Although effort will be made to accommodate any purchase requests prior September 15, 2010, pricing and delivery will be advised on a case by case basis due to substantial increases in pricing, on some parts for this product.
Existing users of the SolarPACK 210, may wish to review the details of the SOLARPack 410. The SOLARPack 410 is available with a built-in sensor or an optional remote sensor, and provides solar charging as well as full flow computer functionality.

Technical Support and repair services for the SOLARPack 210 will continue for a minimum of 3 years after the last manufacture date. Effort however will be made to extend support as long as feasible beyond February 2014, pending availability of trained personnel and parts.

Please do not hesitate to contact Technical Support by: or Phone: 1-888-267-2232, 613-591-1943 if you require any assistance with questions regarding any of your existing products. Control Microsystems provides technical product training, and if you wish, can provide customized courses to meet your specific needs including new products and software upgrade or conversion. Please see our web site for specifics on scheduled training, and contact information for your local sales representatives.

Action Date
SOLARPack 210 production ceases September 15, 2010
Price increase of SOLARPack 210 Immediate, factory quote only
Last orders for SOLARPack 210 September 15, 2010
Technical support to continue at least until this date December 15, 2013

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the nearest Control Microsystems sales office or our Sales Support team at


  • Ready right out-of-the-box
  • Precision adaptive battery charging
  • Internal and external battery options
  • NEMA 4 enclosure, vents, and drains
  • Choice of radios, batteries and solar panels
  • Pulse, alarm, auxilliary power and SCADASense 4203 outputs
  • Battery and system indication LEDs
  • Class 1, Div 2, Groups A,B,C and D hazardous locations
  • 3 year warranty on parts and labour (excluding Vision)


The SOLARPack is an integrated system bringing solar power, intelligent battery charging and secure spread-spectrum communication to remote SCADASense 4203 installations. The product is compact and easy-to-install, providing periods of autonomous SCADASense 4203 operation of up to 4 weeks with little or no sunshine. Built-in features, including temperature-compensated battery charging, radio load-shedding and over-current protection ensure that the SOLARPack will operate safely at your well site. An optional Vision operator interface terminal can be added to enhance local control and data display capabilities.


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