SCADAPack Transmitters

Modbus Multivariable Transmitter integrates industry proven multivariable sensing technology with Control Microsystems' advanced Modbus communications protocol. Using a robust multi-drop RS485 link or Ethernet, this transmitter provides unequalled performance in control and SCADA applications that require industry standard Modbus communications.
Optimized for use with Control Microsystems' SCADAPack controllers and configurable through our RealFLO Gas Flow Computer software, the SCADASense 4102 is a single transmitter designed for multiple applications.

The SCADASense 4102 provides digital measurements for differential pressure, absolute or gauge pressure and process temperature. The integrated PID controller and analog output provide built-in control.

This product has a 3 year warranty on parts and labor and is CSA, IECEx to Exd IIC T6 and ATEX to EEx d IIC T6- certified. RTD connections are non-incendive when mounted in Div 2-rated areas. The 4102 is certified for Single Seal Compliance under ANSI/ISA - 12.27.01 with maximum working pressures up to 21MPa (3000PSI).


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