SCADAPack Transmitters

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  • Digital absolute or gauge pressure transmitter
  • Modbus over Serial or Ethernet communications
  • Optional PID controller with analog output
  • Direct mount capability, light weight and compact
  • CSA Class 1, Division 1, Hazardous Area Rating
  • Single Seal Compliance Certification under ANSI/ISA - 12.27.01 with maximum working pressures up to 21MPa (3000PSI)
  • 3 year warranty on parts and labor


The SCADASense 4012 Modbus Pressure Transmitter is an accurate and intelligent transmitter that offers precise measurement of process absolute or gauge pressures in a small and lightweight package. As a fully digital transmitter, the product is networked using Modbus over Ethernet or a selectable RS485/232 serial line. Easy to install and operate, any Modbus master can access and control a large number of these transmitters. With a 3-year warranty, and the support of Control Microsystems' comprehensive customer support program, this transmitter is a natural choice for a wide variety of gas, water and industrial applications.


SCADAPack 4012 DataSheet

SCADAPack 4012 Hardware Manual

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