SCADAPack Controllers


I have an older P1 SCADAPack that I am looking to update to a P4 SCADAPack 32 using:

TBUM297464 Upgrade a legacy SCADAPack Controller model P1 to a SCADAPack32 Controller model P4

Is it just plug and play or is there anything else I need to consider?


SCADAPack 32, TelePACE


Wiring and Installation

  • The P1 controller board has DB9 connectors for the serial ports whereas the SP32 uses RJ45 connectors. Fortunately, the upgrade kit comes with two short cables (TBUM297218) that can be used as an adapter so you won't need to change your existing cables.

Programming with TelePACE

The TelePACE project will need to have the controller type changed from a SCADAPack to a SCADAPack 32. In addition, certain programming elements might need to be modified if used in the configuration

  • Store and Forward: The 16-bit P1 controllers have a register assignment module to assign registers that need to be configured to create a store and forward table. With the SP32 controllers, memory is pre-allocated for the store and forward table. The Store and Forward table is accessible in TelePACE from the Configure tab or under the Project folder on the left hand side.
  • PID controllers: The 16-bit P1 controllers have a register assignment module to allocate registers used to configure each PID loop. The register assignment module is no longer available in the SP32 and has been replaced with either a PIDA or PIDD discrete function block. Please see the TelePACE Studio manual for details about configuring the PIDA and PIDD functions.
  • The SP32 does not have the ability to go to sleep (in order to reduce power consumption) whereas the P1 SCADAPack did. For this reason, the SLP function is not supported on the SCADAPack 32.
  • The SP32 includes a LAN port so there is now the ability to also use the MSIP function (Master over IP) to poll remote devices on the LAN port.

Expansion Modules

Some very old expansion modules may not be able to support the higher bus speed of the 32-bit controllers. These modules will be unable to communicate to the SCADAPack and will also need to be upgraded. Some examples include the 5301 Analog Output Module and the 5501 Analog Input module.