SCADAPack Controllers

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The SCADAPack LP is a low power controller complete with an integrated power supply, analog and digital I/O, serial communications and turbine flow meter counter inputs. Application programs can be written in Relay Ladder Logic, IEC 61131-3 and the C language. Several power saving features are included in the SCADAPack LP. These power saving features include Sleep Mode, 24V-power shutdown, communication port power control and SCADAPack Vision power down. The SCADAPack LP has six analog input channels. Five analog inputs are user The I/O capacity of the SCADAPack LP can be expanded using 5000 I/O modules. A maximum of twenty 5000 I/O modules may be used. Three serial communication ports are provided. An RS-485 port is designed for use with multivariable transmitters. One of the two RS-232 ports is designed for use with the SCADAPack Vision operator interface. The SCADAPack LP supports direct wired, telephone and radio communication.

Discontinuation of the SCADAPack LP

Customer Notice - SCADAPack LP Scheduled Discontinuation.pdf


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Drawing Name Description .DOC
P200 SCADAPack LP Controller
Ethernet SCADAPack LP Ethernet SCADAPack LP
Wireless P200 Wireless SCADAPack LP
Freewave and MDS Radios