SCADAPack Controllers

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  • High Performance 32-Bit processor
  • USB 2.0-compliant peripheral port for connection to PC
  • Configurable power-saving modes (15mW in sleep mode)
  • Two serial ports (RS232/RS485)
  • 8 AIN, 2AOU (optional), 16DI, 10DO, 3 CTRIN (2 turbine)
  • Optional integrated spread spectrum radio
  • 2 or 4 run custody flow computer using RealFLO
  • Support for 32 independent C/C++ applications
  • Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Area Rating
  • ATEX II 3G and IECEx: Ex nA IIC T4 per EN 60079-15, protection type in (Zone 2), (334 based 24V DI/Solid State Relay version only, Wireless versions pending)
  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor


The SCADAPack 314 is an integrated product that consists of a 5212 controller board and a 5607 Input / Output (I/O) module.  Application programs can be written in TelePACE Relay Ladder Logic, IEC 61131-3 and the C++ language.

The SCADAPack 314 includes:

  • Several power saving features are included in the SCADAPack 314.  These power saving features include Sleep Mode, communication port power control, USB disable and a reduced power mode that lowers the CPU clock.
  • Three integrated counter inputs, two of which are configurable for direct connection to the millivolt output of turbine meter transducers, provide for a variety of connections to metering elements.
  • The 5607 Input / Output (I/O) module provides 8 analog inputs, 16 digital inputs and 10 relay digital outputs.  In addition 2 analog outputs may optionally be added to the 5607 I/O module.
  • Two serial communication ports are provided.  Both of the RS-232 ports can be configured as a 2-wire RS-485 port.  The SCADAPack 314 supports direct wired, telephone and radio communication.
  • The USB interface features one 12Mb/s USB peripheral port.
  • The primary microcontroller memory contains 16MB of flash ROM and 4MB of RAM.  The CMOS RAM is non-volatile (battery backed).  A 4Kb EEPROM stores configuration parameters.
  • A real time clock/calendar provides for time of day operations and alarms.  A hardware watchdog timer protects against application program failures.

The I/O capacity of the SCADAPack 314 can be expanded using 5000 Series I/O modules.  A maximum of twenty 5000 Series I/O modules may be used.


SCADAPack 314 Hardware Manual

SCADAPack 314 Datasheet

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